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Annual Shrine Mont Parish Retreat in October .    Sign Up Time...

Shrine Mont is one of those places in this world where people are more important than things; where prayer and reflection, rest and play are more important than phone calls, emails, and To Do Lists.

Shrine Mont is where we connect as a community and where we spend time together laughing and playing, relaxing and chatting, and create great memories. It is a place where we make new friends and rejoice in the ones we had for years, and where the demands of this world are set aside for bit, because a rocking chair and a cool breeze is calling our name.

Shrine Mont is a place where our kids can run free and safe in God’s own creation; where streams become playgrounds and imaginations run wild. It is where we give thanks for bonfires, singing, marshmallows, a pond full of fish, fried chicken, butt buns, trees upon trees, and trails to explore.

Shrine Mont is that place where we celebrate being a part of the family of God; where we rest in the arms of our Creator, and where bullfrogs sing us to sleep.

So come and join us, put the world down for a bit and come relax in the beauty of God’s creation and with some great, good folks.


Dates: Friday, October 18th (dinner) through Sunday, Oct. 20th (lunch)

Costs (which includes Fri/Sat Nights & 3 meals per night)

1 Adult - $168 for the 2 Nights for shared room or 1 Adult - $221 for a private room

Children – (Ages 0-3) Free, (Ages 4-12) $34 for each night or a total of $68 for the weekend.

Deposit of $150 is due when you sign up and is non-refundable. Please write “Shrine Mont Retreat” on the memo line of your check.

Deadline: Sunday, July 14th

Shrine Mont requires us to let them know exactly how many people are coming. They require this information 90 days ahead of time.

There are 3 ways to sign-up:
1. You can sign up in the Narthex on Sundays and put your deposit in the envelope.

You can sign up at the Atlee House and put your deposit in the envelope. (on Dining Room table) If you are not in town until after July 14th, you can email Rev. Katherine and let her know how many are in your party/family and promise to drop off your deposit when you get back to town. We will have a Waiting List if needed. For any questions email Rev. Katherine at

.The Program: The Story Made Flesh.
John 1:14 tells us... “And the Word became flesh and lived among us.” We began 2019 hearing about different parts of our story – the story of All Souls Episcopal Church. We’ve talked about how the Bible is full of “our” stories – our sacred stories – originally spread by word of mouth and kept for us. We each have our individual story which when added with others becomes a community’s story.

What if our stories – both our individual stories and our collective stories - are part of that Word. What if we are part of that Word made flesh. This will be a program for all ages, so come and explore this idea of The Story Made Flesh and spend time relaxing, playing, and worshiping in God’s Creation.

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