Wednesday Book Study

Short Stories by Jesus

The Wednesday Night Book Group is for everyone – folks interested in learning more about our faith and traditions.   Think you have to be a scholar to talk about faith, the Bible, God, or our relationships with God?  No!!  So come, spend time with some friends – new or old – and explore this thing we call faith. 

     This Fall the Wednesday Night Book Group will be reading Amy-Jill Levine’s Short Stories by Jesus.   We will read many of the parables we’ve heard before and some that may be new.   The book can be purchased at bookstores such as Amazon or you may find it at the library. 

“In this brilliant book Amy-Jill Levine invites her audience to read the parables of Jesus through a Jewish lens. The result is a series of stunning new insights into our religious heritage. Levine, a Jewish New Testament scholar of enormous depth, powerfully illumines both Jesus and the Christian story.” - Bishop John Shelby Spong, Bishop in The Episcopal Church

Book Study group meets at the Atlee House, 9077 Atlee Road, at 7 pm.  Please come even if you have not read the chapter.

At its simplest the parable is

*a metaphor or simile
*drawn from nature or common life
*engaging the hearer by it’s vividness or strangeness
*leaving the mind in sufficient doubt about its precise purpose to tease it into active thought

  by C.H. Dodd (New Testament Scholar)


*** NOTE – We are NOT reading every chapter of the book, and we are not going chapter by chapter.  Check the list below as to what to read.



Chapters & Topic(s)

Wed, Sept 12th​:    Introduction to the Book and discussion about parables

Wed, Sept 19th​:    CH 1 – Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Lost Son

Wed, Sept 26th:    CH 2 – The Good Samaritan

Wed, Oct 3rd:       CH 4 – The Pearl of Great Price

Wed, Oct 10th:     CH 5 – The Mustard Seed

Wed, Oct 17th:     No Book Group

Wed, Oct 24th:      CH 7 – The Laborers in the Vineyard

Wed, Oct 31st:      No Book Group - Halloween

Wed, Nov 7th:       CH 8 – The Widow and the Judge

Wed, Nov 14th:     Discussion and Wrap-Up


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