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About the People

All Souls Episcopal Church, in Mechanicsville, is a community with a diversity in thought and past religious experience.  We are a smaller church, which makes it easy to become a member of our community.  We offer opportunities for folks to find a place - even new folks - into our church by enlisting them in ways to help and contribute as people feel comfortable.  You are welcome to come only on Sunday mornings to worship but we highly recommend you do more in order to get more of what All Souls can provide for you.

Our Priest

The Vestry is very pleased and excited to announce that Rev. Katherine G. Dougherty, with us since the middle of July 2017, was ordained Priest on December 9, 2017 in a beautiful ceremony at St. George's Episcopal Church in Fredericksburg, VA.  Reverend Dougherty was made Vicar of All Souls in January 2019.  We continually are enlightened with her sermon and programs and appreciate her warm laughter and embracing of all life.   

Rev. Dougherty has many talents and skills that have assisted us in obtaining our goals at All Souls.  Her background in both public education as a Learning Specialist and in the corporate world as an Organizational Consultant and Facilitator have been beneficial in guiding the mission of All Souls.  The vestry has been impressed not only with her skills and experiences, and with her thoughtful and insightful sermons.

While a student at Sewanee, Katherine’s summer internships were served in Virginia.  She was a Chaplain at the University of Virginia Medical Center and interned with Christ Church Episcopal in Glen Allen. She did her field education at St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church in Tennessee.  Through these ministries, Katherine developed her skills in preaching and worship, pastoral counseling, leading parish retreats and programming.

Katherine enjoys working collaboratively in creative and loving ways to share God’s love for all in the world.  She feels fortunate to have had wonderful mentors along the way. 

Please join the All Souls community at Messiah Lutheran Church on Sundays at 9:15 a.m. Messiah Lutheran is located at 8154 Atlee Road, Mechanicsville, VA 23116.

Our Worship Space

Messiah Lutheran

The folks over at Messiah Lutheran have been kind enough to share their worship and gathering spaces with us.  We have been at Messiah Lutheran since 2012.  

The sanctuary is a beautiful worship area with great acoustics for our excellent choir.  The space also boasts a wonderful gathering hall for our meals, outreach programs and post-worship gatherings.

Our People

The Community

All Souls was founded as a mission church of the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia in 2003. As a relatively young congregation, we have a fresh and joyful approach to worship and ministry that allows us to be creative, flexible and inclusive.  New members are always welcome to contribute their ideas and energy as we learn and serve together, following the way of love, openness, and compassion offered to us by Jesus Christ. 

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