What Is A Sunday Like?

Holy Eucharist   9:15amMessiah Lutheran church


We rent our worship space at in Messiah Lutheran Church on the corner of Atlee Road and Meadowbridge Road (8154 Atlee Rd, Mechanicsville).

When you enter the doors... our ushers will welcome you and hand you a worship bulletin.  In that worship bulletin will be all the music, all the prayers, and all the scriptures you will hear that day.  Go into the sanctuary and find a seat...relax...breathe...this is your time to hit the pause button and rest.  We're glad you're here!

Our worship includes... music, prayer, scripture, and sharing of Eucharist.  Weekly music, prayers, and sermons connect the message of the Scriptures to the real lives of our community.  They are a way we connect with God and pay attention to the work of the Holy Spirit in the world around us. 

We are a family-friendly environment... that engages members of all ages in our service.  We have a rug towards the front of the church where children can sit and be comfortable.  If you have young children, grab a Busy Box on your way in and let them enjoy coloring or building as they listen to worship. 

All are welcome...Come as you are and know that is enough! 


Watch previous sermons on our YouTube channel HERE.


Community Time - Sunday after Worship

As more folks have gotten vaccinated and the number of infections decreases, we are once again having a brief "Coffee Hour" after worship.  Beginning on Easter Sunday, we will resume Coffee Hour after worship.  It is a time for us to connect back up with each other and to celebrate little moments in life. 




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