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A warm home.  Astonishingly, there are many homes in our backyard whose owners lack this basic need.  The All Souls community went out to winterize some homes for the coming cold.  Check out our project pictures and see what else All Souls does to serve as Jesus taught us.

All Souls Blessing of the Animals

Responding to God, the Community, and the World

All Souls Episcopal Church in Mechanicsville VAAll Souls Episcopal Church believes in doing. Time is set aside to give of our talents and resources in meaningful and material, ways. All Souls parishioners provide and take sack lunches to the homeless, help with clean-up at various local sites, work with shelter animals, visit with convalescing patients, do yard work at local schools, and help to winterize homes in the area.  In the past two years, through our community garden, we donated over three thousands pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries.

Other projects include mentoring and teaching at a nearby elementary school, taking part in Habitat for Humanity build days, and assisting with monthly ARC-sponsored dances in the community. We have a  yearly Blessing of the Animals, and many of our members take part in CARITAS hosting. Members who are unable to participate in some of the more physical activities, still support the work of the parish by providing food and drink, and through enthusiastic encouragement.

At All Souls, we serve as Jesus taught us. Our membership is actively engaged in the community, and in carrying out the Christian mission of God's hands on earth. We are an Episcopal congregation, celebrating diversity, inclusiveness, and the fellowship of believers, motivating each other to acts of love and good works. We welcome you to our faith-based community.

Following our service of Holy Eucharist and coffee time this Sunday,  we will begin this year's fall programming.  “Spiritual Gifts Inventory” is an opportunity for all of our members to learn more about their God-given talents and abilities and discern how God is calling them to use these gifts in the ministry of our congregation and beyond.   Participants will begin by completing a detailed self-scoring questionnaire that assesses their unique gifts....
  Monday morning I packed a lunch and a sack full of school supplies donated by members of All Souls Church and headed down Chamberlayne Road to meet with the 3 second grade classes in the J.E.B. Stuart School cafeteria. The school parking lot was full (again) so I parked along Fendall Avenue and made my way to the Main Office to sign in.  The phones were ringing to keep Administrative Wonder Ms. Simmons busy.  When she had a free moment, I handed her our first delivery of school...
    Our Wednesday evening study and fellowship programming will resume on September 24.   We will begin with a bible study on the Gospel of Matthew, using study guide by Alyce McCenzie to assist us in our discussions.  Copies can be purchased on for a very reasonable price.  Amelie will also have copies of the first chapter for our initial discussion. Centering Prayer will continue to be offered today at the Atlee House at 6:00 p.m.  
  October 17-19 Deadline for signing up is Sept 28th Deposit of 1/2 amount is due by Oct 1st Space is limited, get your registration form and deposit in to Bev as soon as possible ShrineMont is a time and place for the All Souls family to come together… Travel the long & winding road to Orkney Springs and just let it be… Rest, relaxation, fun, peace, adventure, getting to know your family, and did we say fun?? ShrineMont Magical Mystery Tour