Atlee Church volunteers in the Garden

Many thanks to the awesome teens in Hanover's Service Academy and their sponsor Lisa for volunteering their time, expertise, and laughter in our garden on Saturday, August 11.  The teens and other All Souls volunteers added new soil to the elevated beds and planted fall carrots, beets and lettuce, moved more compost to tilled areas in the garden, and had a good time using the planting machine to plant black eye peas. 

The beautiful mature summer garden is in full production mode, and we have string beans, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, basil, parsley, and other veggies that are picked almost daily and sent to MCEF, Moments of Hope, Church Hill Wellness Center, and Christian Village.

We have donated over 1275 pounds of food so far this year.  We invite you to come Sunday and Wednesday evenings at 6 pm to help.  You will be welcomed, shown what to do, and thanked for helping so many in the Mechanicsville area!

All Souls is grateful to our new friends! We invite them to visit often, see the results of their hard work, and to continually keep our work in their prayers.  

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